Boriana Dimitrova Quartet

The Boriana Dimitrova Quartet was founded in 2007 and, since then has performed in several clubs and at festivals in Germany and abroad.

The quartet consists of Boriana (alto, soprano and bari sax, flute), Hendrik Müller (double bass and electric bass), Lars Dahlke (guitar) and Niels-Henrik Heinsohn (drums).


Hendrik Müller / © Boris Borisov

Hendrik Müller began his musical career at the age of six years with the classical piano. Soon the double bass was added and during a one-year stay in the USA, he discovered his love for jazz. In 2006 he won a solo prize at the national competition "Jugend jazzt" in North Rhine-Westphalia. Hendrik studied double and electric bass at the Hamburg University of Music & Performing Arts and at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.


Lars Dahlke / © Michael Wassenberg

Lars Dahlke’s first instrument was the trumpet, before he started playing the electric guitar at the age of 14. In 2003 he graduated at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnheim (Netherlands). He plays in several bands with different styles of music (from indiepop to jazz) and set up his own recording studio for producing film scores.


Niels-Henrik Heinsohn / © Michael Wassenberg

Niels-Henrik Heinsohn started playing the drums aged 12. He degreed his studies at the Bremen University of Arts and the Hamburg University of Music & Performing Arts. Before he joined the Boriana Dimitrova Quartet he worked in Germany with e.g. Nils Landgren, Bill Ramsey, Franz Wittenbrink and others and was frequently engaged by German theatres.