Boriana Dimitrova and Niels Henrik Heinsohn are "Doublepulse" - a new jazz project with the instrumentation of saxophone/flute and drums.

In her compositions for the duo Boriana Dimitrova picks up the instrumental possibilities of the latest electronics, thus expanding her expression possibilities, without the electronics playing a dominant role. Within one and the same piece of music soprano, alto, barisax or flute can be used.

Also, she does not abstain from the characteristic odd meters, but the duo pieces develop more linearly, build up over moments of tension and quiet, and often leave the traditional series of theme-solo-theme. Each tone is created live on stage, but the compositions enable new modular forms. Elements from the classical and new music encounter jazz idioms and melt into a musical fireworks.

"Doublepulse" perform as a duo, but also seek encounters with jazz colleagues, whether on piano, with guitar or a wind instrument. The result is always something new and each concert is unique.