The sound of the Hamburg based saxophonist Boriana Dimitrova and her powerful, expressive play full of finesse are unmistakable.

Border crossings do not only characterize the biography of the musician who was born in Bulgaria but also her music, which can be described as contemporary jazz with fusion hints and Bulgarian accents. Odd and exciting bulky meters run like a thread through her compositions, which are challenging and complex, but always melodic.

Her compositions for quartet are telling stories in musical pictures that are abundant with energy and emotion. Deceptively light, lyrical melodies float on a dense carpet woven of bass and drum rhythms. Some of her pieces are dominated by dramatic contrasts  – they may begin as a light-footed tune but, unexpectedly, surprise the listener by eruptive moments. Each of her pieces has its own characteristic shape that invites soloistic improvisation

In the duo she expands her musical expressiveness by including electronic elements.